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Window cleaning Bayswater VIC - johnson tiles

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  • 11 years of Quality window cleaning service
  • 100% Money Back Service Guarantee
  • Commercial and Residential cleaning on any 1-3 level building
  • Internal and external
  • Window ledges and window frames are cleaned
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Flyscreens cleaned and re-installed
  • Eco-friendly window washing solution
  • Waterfed Pole for hard to reach and clean windows
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Happy Window Cleaning Bayswater Customers

Quality results, fast communication, and great customer service from HiRange. They got it all cleaned up from 1-3 levels including racks! and couldn't be happier. Each surface has been neglected for at least a year, and now they all look new. I was a bit scared and worried that the glasses might be replaced but after the result I had a huge relief. Since the last thing that I would be spending is cleaning and not replacing my windows. So kudos to Hirange team for doing a great job.

Scarlett Carroll

Literally I had the worst window in our area. So when I got a chance to find a good and reliable cleaning company I didn't hesitate to book a schedule and they turned my windows into gems and crystals. I will be forever by thankful to Hirange

Freedie Hollbrook

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