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  • 11 years of quality window cleaning service
  • 100% Money Back Service Guarantee
  • Commercial and Residential cleaning on any 1-3 level building
  • Internal and external
  • Window ledges and window frames are cleaned
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Flyscreens cleaned and re-installed
  • Eco-friendly washing solution
  • Waterfed Pole on hard to reach and clean windows
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Satisfied Window Cleaning Kew Customers

Living near busy streets with high traffic has a lot of disadvantages when it comes to cleanliness. Expect a lot of dust, dirt and other harmful elements that will stick to your house. Regular cleaning is time consuming especially the windows since I have to climb and use a ladder in order for me to reach second level areas. It’s risky because I have a fear in height that’s why I let the experts do the job and Hirange delivered high standard window cleaning services.

Thomas Bullen

Thanks to the boys for cleaning my windows during spring time. They just gleam and shine!

Samantha Good

Thanks my windows they look great!

Vanessa Garbett

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