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  • Commercial and Residential cleaning on any 1-3 level building
  • Internal and external
  • Window ledges and window frames are cleaned
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Flyscreens cleaned and re-installed
  • Eco-friendly washing solution
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Happy Window Cleaning Customers From Plenty

One lesson that I learned from a quick chat from the HiRange owner who himself cleaned my windows is to really take good care of it. Since the dirt gets worst and stubborn if they are just ignored. And the dirt might degrade the quality of your glasses. And some window cleaning companies would charge you for the level of your dirt. To me it was really priceless and a game changer in terms of window cleaning maintenance. But in terms of overall work HiRange was absolutely expert at what they do. My windows looked brand new and I almost forgot that I had one.

Phillip L. Farmer

At night I can clearly see the interior side of my restaurant after Hirange properly cleaned my windows. Before I used to cover my windows with blinds but I realized it looked better when the lights are turned on and you can just watch from the other side of your home. The lights makes the entire place colorful while the windows allows you to see things clearly which is perfect for family dinner. And makes it ideal for customers to appreciate also the interior lightning watching from the outside.

Olivia Hilary

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