Window Cleaning Prices And Rates

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How much does it cost to have your windows cleaned?

Hirange offers reasonable window cleaning prices and rates to both commercial and residential window cleaning services.  With our quick, fast and free online quote system expect to get immediate response.

With our first ever speed quote system we are able to provide accurate and instant quoting price without the need of window cleaning cost calculator.

To maximise freshness and allow more natural light and sunshine into your home, experts generally recommend cleaning the inside and outside of your windows every six months either side of Winter.

Here are some factors to be considered in determining window cleaning prices and rates:

  • Difficulty of the windows to be reached or accessed
  • Height and risk of the areas involved

Usually a waterfedpole is used in order to clean those hard to reach windows. This allows our window cleaner to safely clean the windows from the ground.

  • Labour and Manpower needed to complete the task

In some cases a group of window cleaners are required to be able to clean the entire property depending how big the scope of work.  Some properties would take days to finish depending on how many manpower are involved.


  • Level of dirt (the last time the window had been cleaned)

Windows that are very dirty because they were not being cleaned for a very long time will require a bit of work since dirt and other harmful elements can be found on the windows.


  • Style of Windows and type of glass
  • Number of windows to be cleaned
  • Size of the windows

Some windows that are old may require a lot of extra care in order to properly clean these types of glasses.

  • Schedule(night work, weekend, emergency or special request)

Window cleaning is not purely a day time activity since some establishments may require to clean their windows on a different schedule.

At Hirange we have successfully cleaned The Clarendon Centre in South Melbourne without disrupting it’s daily business operation.


Here’s exactly what you’ll get when we clean your windows:

  • Individual window panes washed and squeegeed dry (your choice of inside and out, or outside-only)
  • Each pane cloth-dried at the edges to prevent dribbles and ensure neatness
  • All window ledges and window frames wiped clean
  • Remove, wipe clean and re-install flyscreens
  • Cobwebs removed from on and around each frame




So, to keep your house feeling brighter and cleaner for longer, if you have any questions and query you can email us at  or CONTACT US NOW! so that we can help you with your window cleaning problems