Window Cleaning South Yarra

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  • 11 years of Quality window cleaning service
  • 100% Money-Back Service Guarantee
  • Commercial and Residential cleaning on any 1-3 level building
  • Internal and external
  • Window ledges and window frames are cleaned
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Flyscreens cleaned and re-installed
  • Eco-friendly washing solution
Commercial Service Residential Service

Happy Window Cleaning Customers From South Yarra

I thought it was too much for Hirange to clean my windows. Since it was hard to clean them and accessing it via ladder might be the last resort. I have personally tried and it’s time consuming since moving from one window to another, you have to step down the ladder and move it on another location. And imagine you have a lot of windows all over your area. So it consumes a lot of effort and time.

Max Gutteridge

It's not only me that's pleased whenever Hirange would clean our windows but also other locals who have availed their services. My windows are always treated to a very high standard including our glass door and surrounding windows. Damon is amazingly reliable and paying them online is super easy even my grand child can do it for me based on my instructions. On my first appointment with them I have decided that it will definitely be the first and many more appointments from them.

Georgia N. Wilkins

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