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  • 11 years of quality service
  • 100% Money Back Service Guarantee
  • Commercial and Residential cleaning on any 1-3 level building
  • Internal and external
  • Window ledges and window frames are cleaned
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Flyscreens cleaned and re-installed
  • Eco-friendly washing solution
  • Waterfed Pole on hard to reach windows
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Happy Window Cleaning Blackburn Customers

I have a patio that had quite a bit of residue built up on its’ surface resulting to a very slippery and dangerous scenario. I was really worried about it knowing the danger behind about it. I called Hirange and booked a schedule to deal with the problem and i was glad that they know how to handle it. They came out as promised on the booked day and when I got home from work my wife greeted me a good news about how clean our windows, freshly washed patio. Thanks Damon for doing such a nice job!

Edward Shipp

Everything that I assumed was all wrong since I thought Hirange would be the same as other companies who are unprofessional. I was totally wrong about it since they are way opposite. They also have implemented a very professional process on their website that can save both money and time. It's just amazing how they have expanded and grow through the years. Now I fully understand why Hirange customers are loyal to their services and are always re-availing it's because of how well they take good care and build relationship with them. They fairly give accurate and free quotes both on phone and on email which makes it more convenient for the customer.

Maria Nunez

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