Window Cleaning Cost Calculator

With our efforts to be able to help and extend our online services to our customers. We are proud to implement the first in Melbourne an online window cleaning cost calculator quoting system.

This tool is designed specifically for residential customers and home owners who are looking for an online window cleaning estimate calculator in order to get a free quote for their home.

The price calculator below will compute and provide a quote after filling out the necessary details.

After submitting or clicking the GET MY QUOTE BUTTON you will be taken to the quote page were in you will be presented with these information:

  1. Summary of your quote
  2. Total prices – External/ Internal and External window cleaning
  3. Description of work
  4. What’s included in your service
  5. What’s not included in your service.

If you are happy with the quote you can then proceed and book it online then choose your preferred date of appointment.

The benefits of using our window cleaning cost calculator tool is that it saves us both time and money to get a quote. Since there is no need for a house visit.  And it’s guaranteed with no hidden cost.

For any concerns and questions don’t hesitate to email us at or call our main office at 1300 885 751